Hey! My name is Thomas Schaefer and I’m based in the Dolomites of Northern Italy. Talk to me about food and you’ll see me light up. Mention foraging, sauerkraut or sourdough bread and my heart beats faster. Ponder the question with me “how do we relate to the living earth around us?” and let us listen to what the answer might be. Did I mention my camera? Let’s go and make something beautiful together.



... my brother gifted me a digital camera when I was 12.
... at age 15 a cookbook followed.
... I fell in love with cooking, yet couldn’t tell what was missing.
... of the privilege to travel the world.
... Jake said: “the video edit isn’t finished. Wanna try?”
... it felt like a tool for healing something inside of me.
... I found a way to express my love for this world.

... suddenly I realized what had been missing: connection.
... in a notebook I wrote: “I am on a mission to translate my soul language.”
... what happened to our relationship with the living earth?
... there is wisdom in food.
... food is poetry – the elements speaking.
... my aunt made me smell wild caraway.
... she said: “it’s time to come home.”
... of her, who had enough of turning shit into gold, too.
... I am not born to be a farmer.
... just doing less harm won’t be enough.
... I love to work with people who care.
... she keeps telling me “you are already doing it.”
... what will we tell our children, when they ask?


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Thomas Schaefer

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